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First comes love, then comes marriage — then comes the best man to steal the bride away from the groom at the wedding?

Well, such was the case for Desiree White, 32, who ultimately divorced her husband to marry her lifelong friend and the best man at her wedding, Bryant, after he confessed his undying love for her while toasting her nuptials to his then-best friend. 

“He said, ‘I remember the first moment I saw Desiree, I loved her. I fell in love with her. I knew she had to be mine. I thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen in my life,’” White, from Illinois, told Kennedy News and Media of Bryant’s best man’s speech during her 2010 matrimony. 

“He said, ‘She’s the best person I’ve ever met. I’ve never met anyone like her. Then I found out she already had a boyfriend and I thought I needed to find out a way to get her, but then I met [White’s ex-husband] and we became friends,’” she recalled. 

Bryant White (right) confessed his undying love for his now-wife Desiree in his best man's speech at her 2010 wedding to his then-best friend.
“He said, ‘I remember the first moment I saw Desiree, I loved her. I fell in love with her,’” Desiree recalled her now-husband saying at her previous wedding.

The identity of White’s former spouse is unknown. 

But she and her ex sat side by side, slack-jawed, as Bryant poured out his heart in front of them and their 200 wedding guests. 

“[Bryant] then just said, ‘Love you both — congratulations.’ It ended there,” she added, noting that her ears “turned red” with embarrassment after his admission. A wave of awkwardness then overcame the room, White remembered, saying, “Everyone was kind of laughing — and then it got quiet.”

And she was admittedly “confused” by Bryant’s confession, most notably due to the staunchly platonic nature of their yearslong camaraderie.  

White, her ex-husband and Bryant had been friends for yeas before he admitted his love for her.
White, her ex-husband and Bryant had been friends for years before he admitted his love for her.

“Bryant and I met each other in class at high school,” White told Kennedy News. “I had a boyfriend at the time and, because of that, I really wasn’t going to talk to other people.”

After showing him a picture of her then-beau, Bryant immediately recognized the kid as someone who shared the same lunch period as him. The three formed a tight buddies bond shortly thereafter. 

“Bryant and my ex-husband became best friends and, because they were guys, they did a lot together. They did everything together,” White said, insisting that she did not harbor any romantic feelings for her now-husband during their formative years. 

“I set Bryant up [on dates with other women] so many times,” she said. “I’ve been on double dates with him and I always tell people I wouldn’t have ever dated the person he was then,” White assured, adding that, at the time, “He had a lot of growing up to do. I didn’t really look at him in that way.”

But White vividly remembers the look of affection that Bryant wore when he saw her adorned in bridal garb on the morning she was to tie the knot with his pal. 

White claims she never had romantic feelings for Bryant during their friendship.
White claims she never had romantic feelings for Bryant during their friendship.

“On the wedding day, I walked into the living room, right when I was done getting ready with my wedding dress on and my hair done. Bryant came into my parents’ house and froze and stared at me,” she recounted. 

“I said, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ He said I looked beautiful. I’d never had a moment of him looking at me like that.”

His adoring gaze aside, White proceeded on to her wedding and got married. Bryant, in turn, reportedly got drunk and then publicly professed his love for her. 

White claims she tried to sweep Bryant's profession of love "under the carpet," hoping his revelation was nothing more than a byproduct of his loneliness.
White claimed she tried to sweep Bryant’s profession of love “under the carpet,” hoping his revelation was nothing more than a byproduct of his loneliness.

But his unbridled unbosoming didn’t stop at his best man’s speech. 

Later that evening, White shared a dance with him while her new hubby cut a rug with her maid of honor. White recalled that while boogying with Bryant, he said, “Why didn’t you ever give me a chance? I would have always taken care of you.”

“I asked him what he meant and he said, ‘Nothing. I love you, I love [White’s ex-husband],’ ” she recounted. “Then he got quiet.”

Following her big day of festivities, a confounded White remembered hoping that she’d “misinterpreted” Bryant’s revelation of amour and tried sweeping his avowal “under the carpet” in her mind. 

“I’m sure it was because he was really drunk and lonely,” she recalled thinking to herself at the time. “I knew, up to this point, that he had girlfriends that weren’t working out and he was kind of the third wheel.”

White and Bryant began dating shortly after her divorce.
White and Bryant began dating not long after her divorce.

However, less than a year later, when her marriage began to crumble because her then-husband had adopted what she called “a totally different lifestyle,” White’s relationship with Bryant took a sudden romantic turn. 

“When [my ex and I] broke up and divorced, I went through a depression and was really secluded myself. I just didn’t want to make an effort for anything,” she said, noting that Bryant showered her with emotional support during the separation. “He’d ask me to eat with him or hang out and watch a show. He was trying to be there for me.”

Then, to her surprise: “Bryant and I just kissed one day when we were hanging out,” said White. 

“It was out of nowhere. When he kissed me, I didn’t stop it, then I kissed him back,” she added. “I was shocked that it was a good kiss. It felt good and natural.”

Shortly after White and Bryant discovered they were expecting their first child, the pair got hitched.
Shortly after White and Bryant discovered they were expecting their first child, the pair got hitched.

Almost immediately, the friends became lovers. And, within a year, she became pregnant with their first son, Sawyer, who’s now 9, and the couple got married in 2012. 

“[Bryant] said, ‘I always wanted to marry you and this isn’t because of the baby, but let’s start this family right,’ ” White gushed. “We were always friends but when we were together [romantically], it was like nothing was hard to do anymore knowing we had each other.”

And White, now a mother to her and Bryant’s four boys, said she’s living the dream. 

“We love being parents. Twenty-year-old Desiree wouldn’t think she could be a mom of four kids,” she proclaimed. “She couldn’t imagine this is what my life would be like now.”

White says that being with Bryant has made her life "better."
White said that being with Bryant has made her life “better.”

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According to an article published by the Healthlin, 5 Benefits Of Morning S£x. Here are 5 Benefits of Having intercourse in the morning:

  1. It is essentially childproof.
    Sometimes all it takes to get that alone time in is setting your alarm for ten minutes before the kids get up. By having intimacy first thing in the morning, according to Morse, you can reduce the likelihood that a young child will knock on your door or, in some cases, bust it wide open because they heard something go bump in the night and want to cuddle with you.

Additionally, if you schedule time to have intimacy to relieve tension first thing in the morning, you’ll find it easier to handle school drop-offs and last-minute homework checks.

  1. You won’t be overly exhausted.

Why not save intimate relations for right after you’ve had a restful night of sleep? A long day can really wear you out. Yes, Morse admits, “you probably won’t be overflowing with energy the moment you open your eyes.” But she assures that the journey there won’t take very long.

  1. You’ll glow nicely and naturally.
    Reduce the length of your cosmetic application to five minutes, or forego it altogether: The release of chemicals during a climax also increases estrogen levels, which can enhance the tone and texture of your skin and hair. When you’re already rushed in the morning (is that just me? ), this is very helpful.
  2. Early pleasure improves cognitive function.
    Having intercourse can enhance cognitive function and memory, so you’ll not only be laser-focused during the act itself but also later on in the day when you’re giving a presentation at 3 o’clock. Who really needs to go to Starbucks a second time?
  3. It facilitates later sleep.
    Not because it makes you tired (though an intense romp can), but rather because “when you have intimate relations and orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin, our feel-good hormone, as well as lowers cortisol, dubbed the stress hormone, as well as releases melatonin, which helps us sleep,” which is why it helps you fall asleep.

This chemical concoction creates the ideal mix for a deeper slumber, so you’ll enjoy a decent night’s rest before getting up early the next day.

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Regular intercourse is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Not only does it help you feel good about yourself, but it can help keep your skin looking healthy and youthful. Studies have shown that people who have intercourse regularly have healthier skin than people who don’t.

According to Healthline, during intercourse, there’s an increase in the rate of blood flowing through your body. This means that more of those blood cells carrying oxygen can reach your face.

When your blood vessels start to dilate, you get that bright flushed look, and a heightened amount of oxygen stimulates collagen production. This collagen that is being produced can prevent and get rid of wrinkles from your skin.

Studies have also shown that regular intercourse raises estrogen levels in your body. This can go a long way to help your skin because estrogen appears to aid in the prevention of ageing skin in several ways.

If you’re not having intercourse, you should at least try to have it twice a week. Even if you don’t feel like it, it’s important for your skin.

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How do you know if you’re sexually healthy? Is it when you can desire and have sex as many times as you want, or is it when you’re free of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)? Well, there’s more to sexual health than libidos and orgasms.

What is sexual health?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines sexual health as “a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction or infirmity.”

In layman’s English, sexual health is everything that affects your capacity to have a sexual relationship and experience sex in a safe, responsible, and pleasurable manner.

For some, sexual health involves the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs during sex and then cleaning up afterwards.

But as the definition above shows, sexual health covers a lot more than that.

In this article, we look at the elements that make up sexual health and organise them into a checklist for you to adopt towards maintaining good sexual health.

The checklists are general, but you can adjust them to meet your specific needs.

Let’s get started.

Mental checklist

Your definition of sex informs how you see yourself in relation to the act itself. It helps to prepare your mind and body to get involved in the act of sex in a way that agrees with your values.

Physical checklist

Sex is not an abstract concept. Are your genitals ready to go? You need to find out.

Before you rush to the doctor, start by examining yourself.

To do this, get someplace comfortable and keep a relaxed posture. Reach down and examine your genitals carefully for:

  1. Swellings
  2. Lesions or hard tissue
  3. Discolouration
  4. Ulcerations
  5. Abnormal discharge (especially females)

You’re already familiar with the normal appearance of your genitals. Use the signs above as a checklist and compare them with what you know as normal. If you notice anything unusual, see a general practitioner or a specialist and have it resolved on time.

If you’re a lady, you should examine yourself when you’re not menstruating. Men can check themselves at any time.

The goal here is to help you ‌better appreciate how your genitals look and feel when in good health so that you can spot signs of ill health if or when they appear.

By examining yourself at least once ‌a month, you will be able to detect changes as soon as they appear and take steps to resolve them before they get complicated.

Sometimes, self-examination is not enough. Physical exams can only detect signs or what you can make sense of. Other abnormalities require that you get a specialist’s assessment.

A specialist will help you to do tests such as:

  1. Pap smear (for females)
  2. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test (for males)
  3. Overnight erection test (for men having erectile dysfunction)
  4. Ultrasound imaging (for both gender)

Hormonal checklist

Hormones are a special class of chemicals that regulate the functions of your body. A special class of hormones called sex hormones helps to turn you on, produce sperm or eggs, influence the development of your sexual characteristics, and determine the reproductive cycle of a female.

Your hormonal profile is important if you want to have babies. As a man, hormones help your balls to produce sperm; in ladies, they assist the ovaries to produce and release eggs.

To find out if your body pumps the right levels of the hormone, see a specialist. The specialist will take your blood and check for the presence and levels of specific hormones in your body.

Common hormones include:

  1. Progesterone
  2. Testosterone
  3. Estradiol
  4. Prolactin
  5. Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
  6. Luteinizing hormone (LH), etc.

The levels of these hormones in your blood will indicate how sexually fit you are.

STD checklist

From HIV to gonorrhoea, herpes, and syphilis, STDs come in various forms and dimensions. If you’re sexually active, you can contract any of these diseases, either via anal, oral, or vaginal sex.

Although the nature of your sexual relationships and the number of your partners influence your risk of contracting STDs, that you have sex is enough to put you at risk.

That’s why you need to get tested and know where you stand.

The list of STDs is long, but you can start by testing for these common ones:

  1. HIV
  2. Gonorrhoea
  3. Syphilis
  4. Herpes
  5. Hepatitis A, B, and C

These STDs are common to both sexes and may manifest differently. Nevertheless, some STDs are more commonly found in ladies than in guys. These include:

  1. Bacterial vaginosis
  2. Yeast infection
  3. Chlamydia trachomatis

Whatever the case, knowing your STD status gives you a chance to play it safe and healthy. Get tested today.

Contraceptives checklist

A contraceptive is any substance, device, or method that prevents you from impregnating someone (if you’re a man) or getting pregnant (if you’re a lady).

It’s quite easy to get lost in the heat of sex, and have a pregnancy that you or your partner didn’t plan for. A contraceptive helps you to avoid that.

Condoms are a readily available example of a barrier contraceptive, but like other options, condoms are not 100% effective even when used appropriately.

It’s up to you to choose the contraceptives most appropriate for you. From short-acting oral contraceptives to long-acting injectables and implants, you can choose the contraceptive that is most suitable for you.

Note, however, that some methods like total vasectomy and bilateral tubal ligation are not reversible.

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