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KEVIN COSTNER OPENS UP ABOUT HIS PAST Relationships And How He Met His Soulmate



Kevin Costner, a winner of several awards for acting, is also talented in other departments, namely directing, producing, and of course, women. The Field of Dreams and Dancing with Wolves star was once one of Hollywood’s most sought after men – well, he still might be.

Being one of Hollywood’s most successful, and good-looking not to mention, sure has its perks but it also has its temptations and downfalls. Costner is no stranger to failed relationships and affairs but as you’ll see, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

After having relationships with many women, even having children with some of them, could it be that the Hollywood supposed womanizer eventually found true love? Read on to find out…

The Perfect First Marriage

Kevin Costner met his first wife and love at California State University, Fullerton. She was a homecoming queen nominee, and she played Snow White at Disneyland. The name of this raven-haired beauty was Cindy Silva. They fell in love while studying together at CSUF, and then tied the knot in 1987.


In a 1989 interview, Costner said, “She was beautiful, she was sweet, she was smarter than me.” He added, “She represented everything about women that I like.” The happy couple had three children together; Annie, Lily, and Joe. But the marriage did not stay happy for long.

Costner Wanted Freedom

The public thought that they had a perfect marriage. Kevin and Cindy undoubtedly presented it that way. He and Cindy even owned a racehorse named “Proudtobetogether.” He looked like he was a caring, loving, and honest man. But later interviews showed a tad bit different side of Kevin Costner.


In 1987 he was not subtle when he said, “I have a big thirst. A big taste for things . . . I hate the fact that I’ve lived by somebody else’s rules, and I’ve somehow missed out on something.” The business colleagues were not shocked at all. But fans, fans were outraged. He was a total contradiction of Kevin’s image they loved.

End of the Marriage

They both put a lot of effort into making Costner’s critically acclaimed film Dances With Wolves, the movie that won six Oscars. While Kevin was busy on the film set, Cindy did stage managing and boosted morale during the long South Dakota shoot by hosting film crew parties. All while she had a full-time job – taking care of their kids.


Everything seemed perfect, but not for long. Soon the first rumors of Costner’s infidelity began hitting the tabloids. It became too much for Cindy, and they announced they had reached their end. In a joint divorce statement, they wrote, “After 16 years together, we are ending our marriage. We have amicably resolved all issues regarding our children and financial affairs, and a full marital settlement has been reached.” The divorce was finalized in 1994. But Kevin’s love life was far from over. Bryce Duke Postgame Media AvailabilityPauseNext video0:00 / 0:00Full-screenThe video is not available because it’s restrictedError code 300

Unsurprising News

The news of the divorce wasn’t surprising at all. Costner revealed he knew it was coming in an interview before the official announcement came out. He said, “The temptations are pretty strong—and there’s a hungry world out there waiting for you to fall. So you can’t even dabble without paying a huge price. I try to conduct my life with a certain amount of dignity and discretion—but marriage is a hard, hard gig.”


His friends and close associates described Costner as a man who instinctively came on to any woman he felt attracted to. He even admitted in an interview with People magazine in 1989, “The package isn’t important. I have a real appreciation for women.” And he would prove that he was a man of his word when rumors began swirling about his many, many lovers…

A Messy Affair

Kevin’s affairs brought him something unexpected, besides the divorce – he got a fourth child. But it took a paternity test for Costner to accept Bridget Rooney’s word that she gave birth to their child. His fourth child, Liam Costner, was born in 1996, two years after his divorce.


Costner tried to show the world that he is a good dad. After the paternity test came back positive, his fatherly instincts kicked in, and he immediately opened up a trust fund for the boy. But they are rarely seen hanging out together.

Was It Just One Affair?

But that wasn’t the only affair Kevin had. According to some unconfirmed rumors, Kevin was in an extra-marital affair with Halle Berry in 1989. Those were the darker days of his marriage to Cindy, and Halle Berry was a new rising star.


It was said that they began dating around the time Halle starred in 12 episodes of Living Dolls. On the other side, Costner was working on Field of Dreams. Neither Kevin nor Halle ever confirmed the rumors about the affair, but they still hang out together and are still friends.

Irresistible Michelle

While Kevin was still married, he spent some time wooing Michelle Pfeiffer, despite the risk of more tabloid exposure. Pfeiffer is famous for Scarface, Dangerous Liaisons, and Batman Returns, and many more. To make things more interesting, both Bridget Rooney and Michelle played the feline Batman character; the same one Halle Berry would go on to portray at a later time.


It seems like Costner has a weakness for women who portray Cat Woman, but it is hard to say. However, he wanted to play Michelle Pfeiffer’s love interest in the Italian love story Taming Ben Taylor. But unfortunately, the film never made it out of production.  

The Fire in the Bedroom

Bobbie Jean Brown is famous for a few things. She dated Tommy Lee, she starred in Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” video (a memorable 80s hair metal melody which climaxes with her being sprayed by a firehose) and dating a bunch of men from Hollywood. The last part happened after Tommy Lee left her for Pamela Anderson, and she even released a memoir.


She spared no detail in her salacious tell-all memoir, Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip. Coincidentally, one of those rocker boys who got hot for her was Kevin Costner. At his grand abode, she accidentally derailed a romantic moment by setting fire to his bedroom.

A Womanizer

But that is not the only memoir that mentioned Kevin. TV and movie star Peggy Trentini mentioned Kevin in her steamy 2012 memoir, called Once Upon a Star: Celebrity Kiss and Tell Stories. Peggy and Kevin hooked up while not long after his separation from Cindy in the 1990s. In her memoir, Peggy described Kevin as fun and sexy, but not falling-in-love material.


In her tell-all, she said, “He was so fun and flirty, but I never took him seriously because my friends all told me he was a huge womanizer.” She also said that Costner would have his friends bring lots of women to his house so he could “find a hot girlfriend.”

“Aphrodite” Caught His Eye

In 1995, Woody Allen’s romantic comedy Mighty Aphrodite caught Costner’s attention. What really caught his attention was Mira Sorvino’s award-winning portrayal of a carefree prostitute called Linda Ash. Kevin recognized an up-and-coming Hollywood starlet, so he courted her on her rise to fame.


Kevin and Nora’s affair lit up the tabloids in 1993, a year before his divorce with Cindy went through. They made every tabloid headline. But as quickly as their love sparked, it diminished at the same speed. It looks like it just wasn’t meant to be.

Transforming Effect

Kevin Costner has had an effect on the women he has had affairs with. One example of this is Holly Sampson. This hot and steamy meet-up happened in 1994 while Costner was still married. The actress confessed the story to an internet radio show in May of 2009.


By the time they got together, the actress had already appeared in The Wonder Years, My Two Dads, Matlock, and Beauty and the Beast. In Pretty Cool (2001), she played a mainstream porn role as a teacher in a teen comedy. But then she got more seriously involved in the adult film industry in 1998, under aliases like “Nicolette.”

Dating a Supermodel

Kevin’s divorce in 1994 was a freeing experience for him. As he said, he missed out on a lot while being married. He tried to make the most out of his single life, and he wasn’t exclusively going after actresses. A rumored affair with supermodel Naomi Campbell hit the tabloid pages in the mid-1990s.


The supermodel had begun her career as a 15-year-old and shot to fame as a household name. As one of the biggest names in modeling, her dating partners did not go unnoticed. She was engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton, as well as Formula One racer Flavio Briatore.

Even More Rumors

The rumors just kept on coming. This time it was Karin Reznack. She is known for starring in Her Alibi (1989) and Clara’s Heart (1988). She’s also a screenwriter and production assistant who worked as Martin Efland’s assistant during the production of Clara’s Heart.


She married well-known film director John Bryum in the late 1990s. According to these pieces of information,  Costner and Reznack probably got together in the early 90s, likely while he was still married and more careful with publicity.

Loyal Ex-Girlfriend

Here is another example of Kevin’s significant influence on the women he dated. In the late 1990s, Brigit Cunningham dated Kevin Costner for three years. The relationship ended up with her going into recovery. She also had a lot of personal issues, so not long after the breakup, she checked herself into rehabilitation—reason, alcohol abuse.


Despite the events, she stayed loyal to Kevin. She showed that in 2006. At that time, Costner was in the middle of the lewd behavior scandal stemming from a massage that he received at a five-star hotel in 2004. Brigit stated, “Kevin is very romantic and tender, he would never do anything so vulgar. He is Mr. Perfect, squeaky clean if a little naïve when it comes to realizing the effect he has on girls.”

Romance and Rumors

Angie Everhart – the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model who made her Hollywood debut with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Last Action Hero. She even ranked 98th most sexy woman in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women of 2003 issue. As far as her love life goes, this gorgeous redhead was engaged to both Sylvester Stallone and Joe Pesci.


According to some rumors, she also spent some time with Kevin. The paparazzi even spotted the pair having a dinner date in 1995, and the news instantly hit the tabloids. But this fling didn’t last long. Not much later, she married comedian and singer-songwriter, Ashley Hamilton.

Another Brief Fling

Back in 1995, the Friends star, Courtney Cox, briefly dated Kevin Costner. There is not much information about this relationship because the couple kept everything secret. It seemed like it was becoming serious, but this fling also ended abruptly.


But fate connected them once again in 2001. This time they shared the big screen in the action-adventure crime movie, 3000 Miles to Graceland. But by then, she had moved on, because she got married. Cox and David Arquette, who also starred in 3000 Miles to Graceland, tied the knot in 1999.

Year of Affairs

Kevin was on a streak in 1995. This time, his girlfriend was Cheryl Tiegs. She was the American supermodel, and her success was the reason they put “super” in front of the “model.” She graced the covers of Time magazine and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Also, she launched a signature brand sportswear line.


Costner found her irresistible, and during the hot August nights of 1995, he made room for romantic rendezvous with the fashion beauty who seemed to find the Field of Dreams star stunning.

The Fight Night

Cal Ripken, the famous baseball player, was on an incredible game-playing streak. In the span of five years, he was always in a starting lineup. But he allegedly broke down in 1997, and he was about to miss a start. Luckily the lightning malfunction occurred, and the game was canceled.


​According to rumors, Kevin was the cause of his breakdown. Cal returned to his house after he left for a game because he had forgotten something. When he arrived at his home, he caught Kevin Costner in his bed with his wife, Kelly. According to some versions, a fight ensued between the two of them.

Good Morning America

Costner was restless in his search for love. This time, he courted Joan Lunden. Joan was a host of ABC’s popular Good Morning America until 1997. His new love tangle coincided with the Waterworld promotion and quickly became a hot story in media circles. Unfortunately, a lightning storm of tabloid and media attention was so intense it severed the couple’s relationship.


As Lunden recalls, “He got this yacht, and we sailed around New York Harbor and had dinner. It was quite romantic and quite beautiful.” She also said, “I think Kevin and I would have dated longer had it not been for the unbelievable press focus on us.”

A Live-in Girlfriend

When 1996 came, Costner decided to put his life as a bachelor behind. He started dating the Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson. He was absolutely charmed by the fantastic celeb model, actress, businesswoman, and TV host, and their relationship quickly progressed into a “serious” one.


Costner said, “I feel I have met my equal with this beautiful, talented, funny, and lovely person.” Within months the couple moved in together. Costner substituted the singles lifestyle for domestic stability, but unfortunately, it was short-lived. The relationship was over by the end of the year.

Yet Another Affair

Costner was in a serious relationship, and it seemed that he was ready to tie the knot again with beauty Elle Macpherson. But he slipped into another affair and then back into bachelorhood. The single life called him, and he answered the call.


In the meantime, he seduced Italian-French Supermodel and pop singer Carla Bruni. Bruni was one of the world’s first supermodels, and she was also known as France’s First Lady. She earned that nickname after dating French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Bruni also dated Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

A Good Year

Costner received many accolades for his two very successful films in 1997. The nomination for a Golden Globe Award came for his outstanding performance in Tin Cup (1996). He was also honored with a nomination for a Saturn Award for his film The Postman (1997).


The year started great, and it even got better. Costner met news anchor and the Miss America pageant winner, Tawny Little. They secretly dated in 1997 and 1998. Besides Costner, Tawny had relationships with Ron Silver and Burt Reynolds, as well.

A Steamy Rumor

During the filming of For the Love of the Game, Costner enraged another friend. This time it wasn’t a professional baseball player, but a colleague, actor John Travolta. Costner and his co-star Kelly Preston became the focus of a brief tabloid spark. At the time, Preston was married to John Travolta. Naturally, the rumors of his wife hooking up with someone are guaranteed to cause a man to lose his mind.


The tabloids constantly wrote about a possible romance between Costner and Preston. They believed that passion transferred from the storyline and the set into more intimate, offscreen places. Neither Costner nor Preston addressed the press allegations.

True Love?

Costner’s search to find true love and the perfect wife lead him into the hands of beautiful Christine Baumgartner. Christine is a model and fashion handbag designer. Costner wooed her for some time, and she fell in love with the double-Oscar winning Dances With Wolves actor. Coincidentally, Baumgartner’s alma mater is California State University Fullerton, too.


The first time they met was in the late 1980s. Costner was practicing golf for his role in Tin Cup, but at the time, he was married. But when they ran into each other again in 1998, things ended up differently. He said, “When I met Christine, I wasn’t prepared to be in love again. It took me a long time before I said, ‘I love you’ to her, a long time.”

End of Bachelorhood

Costner led a pretty much wild and crazy life as a single man. He admitted it himself, saying, “When I wanted some company in my life, I was like the classic single guy—who do I love this week, who next week? I wouldn’t even use the word ‘love’ with someone, because that makes things trickier.”


But with Christine in his arms, things began to change. They started dating in 1998 when she was 33, and he was 53. But by 2002, they hit a rough patch and separated. Christine wanted family and children, but Costner wasn’t ready for that.

Cold Feet

Costner wasn’t prepared to start a new family and have more children. Christine told him that she could wait for him to change his mind, but not for long. But somehow, he pulled it together in time and saved their relationship. “Fear kept me from marrying Christine,” Costner said. Adding, “[She] wanted a child, but I was afraid I couldn’t be an effective father.”


They dated for four years, and when it ended, he realized, “‘Am I going to lose a beautiful woman who is willing to be with me to my very last breath because I am afraid to say yes to a child?’ Looks like being single again was the wake-up call Costner needed.

Tying the Knot

Costner and Baumgartner were back together, and by 2003 they were engaged. They tied the knot at Costner’s sweeping 165-acre Colorado estate just outside of Aspen, on September 25, 2004. The wedding was unusual, at least. It was like a scene from the movie. He arrived in a covered wagon, and she came in a vintage, restored green pickup truck.


It was first “I do,” for Christine, and for Costner, it was second and hopefully last time. And this time, he stayed faithful. Costner’s friend David Giammarco knew it was going to work out, because he told, “Kevin and Christine are like kids together, really in love.”

A Family Man

The happy couple welcomed their first son, Cayden, after three years of marriage. This time Costner showed a genuine commitment as he took some time off acting to spend time helping out at home. His work shifted from time-demanding film projects to follow-up, side projects like investing in a centrifuge machine.


He also toured with his country-rock band Modern West, but it looked like he had dropped out of the scene altogether. He had certainly left his tabloid-attracting lifestyle behind. His new role as a father was once again his main focus.

Seven Kids

In 2009, the new Costner family welcomed their second son, Hayes. Year after, in 2010, came their third child, a daughter Grace. With his first three from his marriage with Cindy, and adding his son Liam with Bridget Rooney, Costner was now the father of seven children.


In 2011, Costner shared his perspective about his family saying, “They’re outstanding children, and I see them making steps every day, and the one thing I pray for in life is not success but being able to raise my children and that nothing happens to me in the next 20 years.”

Old Dad

“It’s complicated being an older dad. When your kids are born, and you are already in your 60s, it’s something to consider. I want it to be me who tells them about the secrets, the beauty, the betrayal, and everything that is in life. I don’t want them to learn from someone else,” Costner commented.


His sentiments reveal his commitment to family and, for Baumgartner, a real sign that he has wholly reformed from his swinging singles days. Those days were over, and he was ready to give his life for his kids and family.

A Recovered Swinger

Costner came a long way from boasting about how good is his singles lifestyle. Nowadays, the only thing he boasts about is his kids’ accomplishments and gifts. He revealed this side of himself in a 2007 interview with Good Housekeeping.


He said he doesn’t pick favorites, but he revealed, “[I’ve] always been really close to my girls, but all of my kids are showered with love.” Being a father looks natural for Costner, just like success and acting.

Losing Another Love in 2012

2012 was a difficult year for Costner. He lost a person who was very dear to him – Whitney Houston. In his own words, “She was my one true love.” The two stars formed a strong bond when they acted alongside each other in the 1992 film, The Bodyguard.


After Houston passed away at the age of 48, Costner gave an emotional speech at her funeral. He even blamed himself for her death, saying, “I let her down, I should have been there and I wasn’t and now for the rest of my life I will have to live with that pain. I saved her then, I should have saved her now.” As tough as this period was, Costner needed to carry on.

Hollywood Calls Back

Family life was a massive commitment for Costner, and he took a break from acting. But as the kids grew up, he started to get back to his old work. In 2013, Costner took the role of Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel. But that wasn’t an easy decision for him.


He talked about making the film saying, “I won’t make a movie unless I have the ability to do it the way I want, so I hold my breath for a very long time. At this point in my life, I don’t want to make a movie I don’t want to make or one that somehow gets manipulated in a way I don’t feel comfortable with.”ADVERTISEMENT

A Fulfilling Life

Making movies has been very fulfilling for Costner, but nothing can compare to fatherhood. In his words, “Movies are magic, and they’ve always been magic to me. You get to play heroes in the movies, but there’s a moment in time where you’re just a father, and you get to go home.”ADVERTISEMENT


He added, “I have played two roles in my life, one I get paid to do, which is the movies, and the other one is being a father, for which I’ll be rewarded my whole life.”ADVERTISEMENT

A Happy Ending

On one occasion, Costner said, “I have never wanted to be afraid in my life, but after my divorce, I was. The pain of that experience had been so strong that I never wanted to go through it ever again.” But the tumultuous marriage and bumpy midlife experience taught him a huge life lesson.ADVERTISEMENT


“Sometimes, you learn the thing you’re most afraid of will save your life,” Costner said. And with almost two decades together and three beautiful children alongside his drop-dead gorgeous wife, things are good. You could almost say that Christine saved his life, and she deserves to have such a loving and committed husband.ADVERTISEMENT

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Music Producer-Young Jonn

At the turn of the 2010s, one name began to gain massive prominence across every dance floor in the Nigerian music industry – “Young Jonn the wicked producer.”

With chart-topping hits blaring through our stereos, in the songs from Olamide (Story For The Gods), Kizz Daniel (Mama), Lil Kesh (Shoki), among others, this young maverick hacked the template to become an ear candy, with his music production wits. However, with Young Jonn the surprises never really end. With the same enigmatic radicalism that coloured his productions, the 27-year-old musical whiz is now making a massive wave as a singer and songwriter. And his rebirth is not just a laudable addition to the league of producers-cum-singers; with his just-released debut EP – a 5-track sound piece dubbed, Love Is Not Enough (LINE), the musician morphs into one of the most vibrant hitmakers of this generation.

With the lead single off the EP – a mid-tempo groove dubbed Dada – dominating the airwaves, Young Jonn’s new musical baptism sets the pace for other singer-producers. Again, as the remix of the fan-favourite Dada, with Davido, begins to take Young Jonn’s popularity as a singer to the next level, it is clear that Young Jonn is back and he is here to stay, convincing every ear that listens to his love-themed melodies on the prowess of his talent.

The Chocolate City music producer and singer speaks to Guardian Life, delving into his inspiration behind his transition, his creative process, as well as his new life as a musician.

Congratulations on your transition. How does it feel?

So far, the energy has been great; it’s been wonderful.

Since when did you know you wanted to sing?

Well, I’ve always been recording. I just never really focused on it like that, you know. Overtime, I just found my way back to it. So, yeah, that’s the way I am.

When did you start?

I’ve always been recording right from time – my vocals… sound recordings and all are on my phone. I’ve always been doing that. I’ve just never really shared my music with anyone. But now, I think I’m ready to.

But did you tell anyone?

I can’t really say that I knew I’d ever get to this point at all. I’ve always loved music and all of that, but at the time, my head was totally in a different space. You get what I mean?

I just never put in the effort, or the ginger. I didn’t focus on all of that, like I didn’t really share my music with people. So, it was just I and a couple of my friends, those people that knew I sing. Everybody listens to my music; we just didn’t really put it out.

So, what drew you to music in the first place and how did you start this journey?

Music has always been a major part of me. Growing up, my mum used to play the saxophone; she used to play the guitar too. She was a chorister, you know. I’ve always been embedded in that, like musical foundation and all of that. My dad is a pastor, so I grew up in church playing the keyboard, drums- basically like that. That was how music got into my bloodstream. One way or the other, I’ve always been on this path.

You’ve always had that musical background, but did you have other ambitions?

I wanted to be a footballer.

Why didn’t you pursue that dream?

Funny enough, I dey try o; I still play very well. Just that the way life directs you… life has a plan for everybody. But yeah, initially, I wanted to be a footballer and I was really working towards it, but somehow, it didn’t work.

What do you want your sound to be like? What’s the direction?

Well, the direction I can say is, my music is a basic expression of what is going on in my mind; different moments define different things. So, hopefully, my music is headed to the greatest phase – let me just put it like that.

All we can do is hope for the best. So, yeah, regarding work, I’m working so hard on these things to know that I can go as far as I can imagine it to be.

What inspired the new EP?

LINE is the short form of ‘Love is not Enough.’ By saying love is not enough, I’m not trying to be an advocate for no love or hard guy; that’s not even the point of ‘Love is not Enough.’ In my own context, I feel like love is not sufficient for all the things we thought it was.

When I’m talking about love, I’m not just talking about the romantic side of love, because I’m big on love. I am big on family love, love between friends, you know. I realised that as good as love feels, it’s not really as sufficient as we thought. Love is never enough for anything. So, that was the space I was in when I was creating the project.

Let’s talk about the EP’s lead single. The remix with Davido is making a lot of rounds. Why did you pick him for it?

Davido supported the original song. He has always been supportive of me and I thought it would only be right for me to have him on the remix. I reached out to him and he said he would love to jump on it and that was it. If I’m being honest, he was a great choice because I couldn’t have thought of anyone else to complement my track in a good way. I mean, listen to that verse and see how hard He went on it, it’s lovely.

How do you feel about the current reception you have received for the record?

I’m truly blessed to have everyone supporting me like this. Big shout out to me and my team Chocolate City for putting in the work to get this done. The results have been far amazing cause I wouldn’t say I never expected this, but yeah I’m happy things are going as we planned.

Tell us about your creative process?

My creative process is very stress free. I love creating music whether as a producer or as an artist and thanks to God it’s something I’m really good at. So I just always make sure I enjoy myself while doing what I love basically .

As someone behind the sounds for a long time, what aspect do you think we are still lagging behind in the industry?

To be honest, I’ve always been involved with everything. So I just really think as an industry we are doing well and crossing boundaries and that’s growth.

Do you think Afrobeats can dominate the global music industry?

Yes, anything is possible with music. There are no boundaries with music and Afrobeats is definitely taking over the world very soon, we are already taking over in fact.

What’s your favourite sound to make? What do you see yourself doing now, in terms of genres?

Honesty, I won’t really say that I have a favourite genre like that. As long as it’s sweet, as long as it makes me feel good, you know what I mean. I am more attached to the fitting than the tag; you understand?!

So, does it feel intimidating knowing you are going to have to walk your way up as a singer?

Funny enough, it doesn’t. I mean, I love a good challenge; that’s me. Anybody that knows me would tell you these are the kind of things I like. I love looking forward to something. You know, working on something and looking forward to it. I like a profitable job. So, yeah, I am glad to go all the way through.

Finally, tell us one thing people don’t really know about you?

Alright, I don’t always feel comfortable when I am on water- like I easily get sea sick.


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